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I am back with another article and one which is most underrated pieces in our wardrobe.Can you guess it 😜 I know you all know from the title itself. Yes today we are going to share the Ultimate list for Dupatta you must have. Every dress in your wardrobe whether it is your ethnic dresses like kurti, salwar, lengha . Dupatta are a must for every wardrobe. They are just not another piece in our wardrobe or piece of our outfit .They enhance our whole outfit look .

Often we just look and buy the Dupatta based on their colour or prints . A plain Dupatta or a designer one , all we look is design and colour . We tend to ignore or should i say doesn’t pay attention about Fabric . Today we are going to discuss all of this in this article . So just scroll down and get your ultimate checklist on Dupattas .


Gorgette dupattas are light in weight and have a transparent texture on them . Mainly them came good in printed ones .But they also look good with some lace work or with pom pom ( which is quite trendy this day ).They also come in some embroidery on them which goes pretty well in partys .They are really easy breezy dupattas to be known as. Really easy to carry and maintenance is easy as well .It goes perfect with long cotton kurti or denims .


Net dupatta are light and has a sheer texture on them .They look really good with lenghas or heavy kurtis / suits .They come in so different types like some of them with lace work or embroidery or both of them . They look different in every style .With lenghas they add a magical touch and enhance the beauty of it .You can also use Net dupatta like Cape .


Chiffon dupattas look more sort of gorgette one but they are much lighter .This makes them really handy and good choice for summers.They came in different types but printed one looks more good and suttle.So,avoid to go for fancy heavy Chiffon dupattas and grab some printed one.Goes amazing with suits and casual outfits.Family gathering or some casual meetings . It will go amazing this summer .


Like i said it earlier pom pom dupattas are really in this summer and spring season .Whether it is cotton , gorgette , chiffon or other dupattas ,pom pom makes them look really trendy and amazing .When you hear Pom pom and think those big colour full squishy thing that might make it heavy . But hey it’s not cause nowdays there are pom pom lace available which you can stitch into your dupattas .They are lightweight and colourful .


Silk Dupattas how can we forget them .They look really royal and add a midas touch to the outfit .They came in different variants as well like Cotton Silk and other types. Basically it is a pattern where they mix Cotton or whichever material you choose and mix them with silk and have a unique variety if Silk Dupattas .Whether you wear a pure silk or mixed one you are surely going to steal the show .

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