Top Reasons why should everyone visit Los Angeles This Christmas Holiday.


Los Angeles or the city of Hollywood has a lot to offer for every sort of traveler. Doesn’t matter you are here on a budget trip or have plenty to splurge, this city would not disappoint you in any manner.

For the budget traveler, there are a lot of cheap hotels and hostels to stay, a lot of free sight-seeing to do, and tasty food to enjoy. For someone who likes to have a feel of the luxury, there are several top attractions to visit, dine in restaurants that celebrities frequent, shop in Beverly Hills and what not.

Here we list top reasons one should visit Hollywood

  1. Celebrity sighting: It is the city of Hollywood and it isn’t difficult to spot TV actors, music and movie stars. Just head to the Robertson Boulevard to see the Paparazzi in action trying on the trendiest fashions. The stores are only close to the public if big celebrities come by, else you can shop along with the others.

  1. A beach lover’s paradise: LA has many public beaches and a coastline that extends for tens of kilometers. The most famous Santa Monica beach even offers amusement rides and has its own pier where many famous restaurants are located. What makes it even better is you can do premier shopping on the nearby third street promenade.

  1. Buy Gucci and Prada at the Rodeo Drive: You name the brand and it is found there. Yes, we are talking of the very happening Rodeo Drive in the heart of the Beverly Hills. Can’t afford these luxuries? No worries, enjoy the ultimate fun of window shopping in a truly polished locality.
  1. Disney theme parks for ultimate family fun: Nothing can beat the enjoyment that the kids do at the Disney amusement parks. And yes, there are plenty in the Hollywood city for some fantastic family outings.

  1. Spectacular panoramic drives: Get a true native-like feel by enjoying scenic drives in this city of stars. Go to the famous Sunset Strip, enjoy the curvy Mulholland drive and soak yourself in the warmth of the city.

So next time you are on a trip to the west coast, do not forget to spare at least a couple of days for this wonderful city. Trust us, you won’t feel like leaving it anytime soon!

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