Written by Swapnil Wagh

In a town lived a very nice and well educated family. Both the town and the family were peaceful. There was harmony among each element and people there were free, liberal and joyous.

The family had this notorious kid. His name was ‘cult.’ He always created nuisance and troubled the family. Since the family was very open minded and peaceful, no one considered scolding him or work upon his evils. Also, being the youngest one everyone loved him. His nature was distinct from others i.e. he was stubborn and preferred to not listen to anyone.

Years passed by and everyone in the town was rising on their own pace, own rhythm except this kid cult! He rose to be a rebellious young man. Due to his stubborn nature, he had narrowed his mind to such an extent that there was no scope for a new thought. This was so much in contrast with his family or rest of the town. There is limit to everything in this world, even the kindness. Soon, his family stopped tolerating him and quarrels started to happen. It was time for the family to abandon him. One fine day, cult left his home in the search of a new life. In the same town, he somehow managed to convince a girl named ‘follower’ to marry him. Cult had never made his own livelihood. He was a freebie an depended on his family members till now. He had no potent in him to earn his own bread and butter.

Fed up of starving, he started entering the houses of random people and looted their belongings and later on destroying their homes. Soon, his wife joined his business and the couple spread their terror in the town. With every home he looted and demolished, he would dig his particular flag there to claim the location. His sinful activities rose to such a level that he planned to loot the palace of the king of that town!! The king was not in a position to resist or defend as his morale was already taken down by the threatening activities of Cult. He rather made an agreement with him that he can claim half of the kings’ property and let everyone in the town along with the king, live peacefully. Later, this king notified the kings of other towns to allow Cult half of their belongings each time he ‘asked for help’ in other towns.

This new pattern of claiming the properties of people by Cult was given a new name..SINularism. In this theory, only Cult and his wife ‘follower’ were allowed to loot the kings of any town

Well the story doesn’t ends here. The couple is on their trip across the seas and continents to claim and establish the rule. During their stay in some desert, the follower gave birth to a tiny soul. But the couple abandoned the child and went on to the further trip. The child is named ‘terror.’ Looking at the current scenario, this new child is growing up to be a real life devil and a curse to people of every town. The only way to end these sufferings is to identify that terror is the legal child of the couple ‘Cult and Follower.’ Next step is to exterminate this family. This will help to reclaim the long lost glory of all the towns. Have you identified this infamous family yet??

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