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Where Poetry IS BORN, in my deep wonderment, I exocised and could blatantly say poetry strengthens our world-each small world we live in. People to people, backdrops to backgrounds, valleys and villages. People speak poetry. They knows where wind blows. they knows where sesha nagas are. they know poetry is here.

In the river that nestles variety of fishes, crocs, turtles, tortoises, water snakes, flying snakes, snakes of Boidae family that depends deadly on water, false water cobra, fierce snake to fishing snake, Indian flying snakes, paradise flying snakes, golden tree snakes….more than the snakes venomous or not- names are thrilling-poetic indeed.

So it’s all about the snake. And the snake on Lord of destroyer’s neck, we will have to crawl up and wait….

Here it reminded me, gently of Aguchi- I call precious Aguchi, her name is precious and the name of the food is Aguchi. Wherever she takes me to her home, she would cook Aguchi for me-the most loved African food. Aguchi is the first human to train me how to use mumbai local train.

She would narrate, with her white teeth flashing out all her happy smiles, “you know, when i did not know at all about India, I as a child used to hear our elders discussing that India is a land of snakes and snake –Gods”.
The local train crossed colaba her story is yet to start she continued….

So, when i grew up and planned to visit India(never thought i will settle here) i thought, gosh how will i land in a land of snakes.

Then in India i met Amitabh Bacchan. He is very different from the Actor Amitabh Bacchan i know. I said hi ,he simply smiled at me-smile almost ignoring my precious presence. Everybody here treat him like God.

I remember watching an Indian film, where all beautiful actress and actors turns into violent angry snake and take revenge for good. They become good benevolent snakes….

Just beneath the window at Navi Mumbai house near the railway station. a snake charmer from down south India was playing bin or been but Pungi-the instrument to hypnotize the snake . A typical performance to handle the deadly snakes ….

How far the snake charmer can handle the snake that precious knows during her decade of stay in India.

Badly, she always wanted to marry an Indian suitable boy, but she fails to handle them besides she learnt to make varieties of Roti like dry roti to puri to paratha to hypnotise them,to charm them like the snake charmer playing pungi. Here her pungi are the rotis she learnt to make gol,gol,and garam garam. Hot round rotis she would call and serve everyone.

But for sure my Hot silky dark Aguchi has cleared her wrong perception that Indian people cannot turn into snakes on top of that she has sadly failed to charm, India boys she calls now unsuitable lovingly. They may be a charmer but not suitable. she still has to meet the snake Gods….


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