Smart Home Automation can change the way we live using “Internet of Things”.

Written by AnkitaKochar

Internet of things is becoming a growing topic of conversation. It is inter-Networking of physical device via internet. You can connect your house hold appliance with smart device. Internet of things is changing simple home into smart home, where everyone from your light to lock can be control from your Smartphone and even from website.  You can control house hold appliance from any corner of the world.


5 best devices to turn your home into smart home:-

1.Smart fridge door alarm:-

People have created every kind of weired and fantastic inventons victimization the LEDs, buttons and sensors within the LittleBits good home kit, however we tend to just likr the good Smart Fridge idea-essentially a device module is about to warn you with a text message if the temperature within your icebox gets too heat(probably as a result of the door’s open). What higher thanks to forestall spoiled mik.

2.Automated pool controller:-

If you are lucky enough to have pool at your home and you have the time to commit to the more advance DIY smart home project. By the time if you finished you can have a system that control the pump, heating and light around your pool. In fact, it’s nearly inevitable you’ll need to add some tweaks to the current supported your own pool.

3.Open your curtains on a timer:-

When you want to get your curtains  slippy open and a song of your selection enjoying as presently as it’s time to urge out of bed. It’s a cool good home hack to do out and you’ll even add a radio horn if you’re thus inclined. With the assistance of IFTTT, you’ll activate it at a set time day by day or whenever sunrise happens to be.

4.Smart light with Philips hue:-

The Philips Hue is simply regarding similar with the “smart lighting” idea, however that’s as a result of it works, and its fun. Whereas no one extremely wants a Smartphone app that turns their lights blue, the Hue family of devices build it straight forward to regulate the mood of an area.


5.Raspberry pi powered secure camera:-

If you’ve got a Raspberry Pi at hand reception, you’ll build all types of sensible devices with it, together with a security camera system to fulfill your precise necessities. To get started, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi, the official Pi camera accessory, and a few other bits and pieces to get started, as well as the free Motion pie software that lets you access your new device through any web browser.  It includes some of the features you’ll find on the best security cams on the market including motion detection; image uploads, and FTP support.


The first and the most obvious benefit to smart home is convenience, as more connected device can handle more operation. At ANYWHERE, At ANYTIME, At ANYPLACE you are, device can be handled from that place and at that time through IOT.


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