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Summer brings scorching sun, sweat and heating atmosphere. This is why it is really to keep your body temperature cool so heat doesn’t effect your body and cause many problems like diarrhea , cholera and other stomach problems. Water keeps your body hydrated but only water is not enough to cool your body in scorching sun and heat. We need to keep a check on our diet as well. Including foods that has more water and helps in fighting summer issue.

Today we are going to talk about some of the Indian SuperFoods which are available on in your market easily. And including them in your diet can help you achieve your diet goal summers without any problems.

1. Wood Apple ( Bael Fruit )

Wood Apple is an ancient Indian Super food highly known as Bael in India. This fruit is easily available in summers. They are easily available in smaller town and villages. Wood Apple ( Bael Fruit ) has anti oxidant which helps in preventing gastric ulcers and acidity in our stomach. Bael Fruit also contains tannin which help in curing diarrhea and cholera. You can consume it as a fruit or you make the juice of it which is quite popular in India . So all in all this super food definitely needs a place in your diet.

2. Pearl Millet ( Bajra )

Pearl Millet is also a very old and very popular millets in cooking in smaller villages in India mainly known as Bajra. With gluten becoming a dreaded word in new lifestyle and our diet regime , this gluten free millets is rising well This super food was quite neglected in the past but now days it’s getting it due. And it really not a seasonal grain like mainly population tend to think. You can have this millets powder as a protein shake as well. So, if you are looking for gluten free diet alternative for summers include this super food in your diet.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi fruit is rich in many vitamins , minerals and it helps in so many ways to your body . Kiwis are rich and excellent source of Vitamin E which doesn’t usually found it other fruits . They are rich in anti oxidant which helps in reducing inflammation and other diseases caused by inflammation . They are rich in Vitamin C . You can get more Vitamin C in one kiwi than orange . They are really good for our immune system as well . So make sure you include this super food in your diet this summers .

4. Watermelon

My favourite after mangoes
. They are rich in Vitamin A and C and low in sugar . It can curve all your sweet cravings without any hassle . Definitely a yay from us to this super food . And don’t forget to try the watermelon popsicle to beat the summer heat in delicious
way .

That’s all for toady . Hope you this article and will include this super food in your diet .

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