Kshitij Mehra paid a couple of lacs and sleepless nights for his BPlan YuvShaala Story


Although we had a bad debt (approx Rs 3 lacs) from a client in first year, in financial statements YuvShaala was still at a profit. This made us highlighted in everyone’s eyes.

One day we received an invitation to participate in an international BPlan competition and when I saw the prize money (approx Rs 5 cr as investment) my greed took over my rationality. I was on a cloud 99 and I thought “Boss yeh competition toh hamara hee hai aur hum hee jeetenge”.

“Us time team mein mere aur office assitance ke ilawa aur koi nahi tha”.

So I started looking out for options that who can work with me in this competition. I approached a couple of friends who were working in corporate and they were interested but they were interested in overviewing the plan nd not making it.

As I said my greed took over my rationality so I started asking anyone and everyone to work with me on this competition because I knew that this is not a one man job. In this randomness of asking I asked a friend who was a filmmaker to work with me in this and I told him that if we win this competition we will also make a movie under the banner of YuvShaala.

I knew that this competition is huge and we have to be super awesome if we have to win this. My greed took me away from actual work (counseling) and we started working for this competition day and night.

The more we worked for this competition the more I knew that we are not going to win it. This fear of not winning took away my confidence and my belief in my idea.

At the same time the filmmaker shared his ideas about education and about business which were really good. I started feeling “aur sad ki mere ko yeh ideas kyun nahi aa rahe thea” and with that low confidence I surrendered subconsciously to his thought process and offered him a position of Co Founder with 49 % share in profits. We both decided that we will not participate in competition because of once in lifetime participation clause in it. Now because my confidence was low I dint only give him the co-founder position I almost gave him the power to lead and decide how the business should run. I took up part time jobs and free lancing works to cope up with money inflow and did everything to sustain the business.

Note : I am not blaming him for this, the fault was mine that I couldn’t take a stand and lead the organisation and tell him where he was wrong.

It took me almsot a year and a half and costed YuvShaala a loss of couple of lacs to realise that my decision of taking a back seat wasnt right.

At that point of time everyone we asked to join us in the team left the organisation for their own reasons and I was left with two options – either to wind it up or continue for another year and then look for funding from investors on my own.

I worked alone for another year from then and on completion of that year, YuvShaala’s finances started improving so my confidence in my idea got a new boost. I started making a BPlan again.

Kshitij Mehra

With my previous experience of making BPlan, I knew that I am not competent enough to make the BPlan on my own. The next thing I knw is that I was in Noida and I asked for help from two friends who were working at senior positions in corporate sector. I told them that till the time my BPlan is made I am going to stay in their house at their expense and they have to guide me in this. For the love they have for me they said yes to it 🙂 Thanks Indranil Sinha and Manish Khanna for that, without you guys this journey was impossible.

So the process was simple, I will make the BPlan and these two will come back from their offices and will grill me (sophisticated language 😉 ) in evening on my workings.

They were and are the best critics I can ever get in my life. In initial days whatever I did they used to directly say “ki kya bakwaas hai yeh”, “tumhe dhanda karna nahi aata”, “mehra jee aise kaise hoga”, “hum bol rahe hain yeh business hee flop hai”, “koi paise nahi dega tumhe” and aur bahut kuch.

One day while I was making the BPlan I felt something and this feeling was not for the first time. I recognised it. I was scared again and this fear was same I had a couple of years ago that whether I will be able to make it or not. But this time the only difference was that I knew that pichli baar when I surrendered to this fear what happened.

I knew that I will not be able to make it through if I will continue this feeling. I had to get hold of it.

As Sir Einstein has rightly said “We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Maine apna laptop band kia went out for a movie becuase coming out of that thinking was important.

Now when I came back from the movie I knew that I had to take a stand and that stand was either continue with the BPlan and take YuvShaala to the next level or quit and find a job.

As everyone here knows that what stand I took, I started working on my BPlan. I finished it in a couple of days with the support of Indra and Manish and started sending it to friends, investors and competitions.

The result was simple

– We made it to semi final round of one of the biggest BPlan competition for social entrepreneurs in the country

– A couple of friends agreed that they want to invest in the company at seed level and they also did

– A couple of VCs started following our work and a couple of them even rejected the idea.

This transformation wasnt easy for me- it took almost 3 years , money, lost friends in the process, couldn’t attend family functions but now I am happy that I came out of this process. I am glad I had people like Manish, Indra, Vibhor, Aditya, Vineet Sir and mentor like Munish Sir with me to help me in this transformation. We are all set to take YuvShaala to another level with team mates like Saurabh, Samridh, Sonal, Sherein, Palak & Satyajeet.

I apologise if I have missed any name in this process.

I extend my support to any entrepreneur in the process of making a BPlan without any financial consideration. If I can be a part of your journey please get in touch. I dont promise you that we will win but what I promise you is we will try to. 🙂

 Kshitij Mehra

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