Footwear Trends in 2017

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My beautiful friends 


Hope you all are doing well. We all love our footwear and we kinda are  choosy in it as well. We love to have every types of footwear. Don’t we girls

But one type which has a special place in our heart and can never be out. You guessed it right girls ” Heels “. We all love heels and want to own every single types of heels in the world. So, here we are sharing the Ultimate guide to every type of Heels. 


So, let’s get started 


1. Wedges Heels 


Wedges heels are like high heels but without separation between toe and ankle of heels . Gives more elegance look without hurting your feet . 





2. Pumps


Pump are usually flat from toe and heels from ankle .They are usually of 3 inches high heels .Perfect to team up with any office or party look .




3. Kittens heels


Kittens are actually bellies with pointed heels at back These work great when you want some height without hurting your feet .Great for offices ,college parties or any family get together as well .




4. Stilettos 


Stilettos a great heel to style up your look and give them a classy look .With pointy high heels at ankle and curvy base at toe , a little tricky to carry .But totally worth with the look you want to achieve in a classic party .




5. Platform heel 


Platform heel is a basically a Stilettos or high heel with thick and supportive ankle heel for comfort .




6. Spool Heel 


Spool Heel has really thick heel with wider round base of heel .Flat toe base makes it more comfortable for your feet . Perfect to go with Indian Wear.




7. Sling Back Heel


Sling Back heel has more high heel then any heels with a flat toe base and a curvy round to ankle . It looks amazingly gorgeous with dresses and other outfit .This is a must have for every girl but better watch your feet . It might hurt them if regular use .




8. Ankle Strap Heel


It is some what like high heels but with strap around ankle gives it relief from pain . With long pointy heel and curvy toe base . His Curvy base helps in giving momentum going forward .




9. Corset Heel


It is basically a high heel with long pointy heels .It’s main attraction is that the both side of the footwear is tied and it support your feet more than normal heels . It also know scrappy heels .




10. High heels boots


Boots with heels definitely a Say for us . For those days when we want to wear boots but don’t want to miss the heels .Go for heels boots ,looks amazing with trendy outfits 




That’s all for today girls .These were some of our favorite and different types of heels . Hope you like this article and found it helpful .Do let us know your which are your favorite type of heels in the comment section . 


Till Next Time ,


Stay Beautiful 

Stay Stylish 


And Keep Tunning into Readers Point 


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