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Written by Neha Kumari

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How’s summer treating you guys. Here’s it is really hot and humid weather. That’s why it is really necessary to take a lot of water intake in your body. Sometimes the water is not enough as you need more minerals and vitamins for your body. Today we are going to share some amazing easy and health drinks which will help you beat the heat and keep you cool in hot summers.

1. Infused water

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Infused water is a healthy and delicious option. It also helps in remove toxins from your body which gives a deep cleanse from deep inside.


1 bottle of water
cucumber slices – 15 – 20
Lemon slices – 1 whole lemon
Mint – few leaves

Mix all the ingredients in a bottle and leave it overnight in refrigerator to infuse all the goodness of ingredients in it.

2 . The Red Punch

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Yes …you heard it right . That’s what i liked to call it . It is a mixture of vegetables juice . Consume in the morning at it will give you energy for all day long with lots of health benefits .


1 betroot
1 carrot
1 apple
A slice of ginger
1 tbsp lime juice

Put all the ingredients except lime juice in a juicer or mixer whatever good for you .Strain all the pulp and take all the juice and mix lime juice in it . You can put some ice cubes in it if you liked chilled juices .

3. Coconut water

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Coconut water is itself a healthy option but with two simple ingredients you can turn into a beautiful drink for yourself . Coconut juice is great for stomach problems .


1 glass coconut water
Few leaves on mint
1/2 tbsp lime juice
A pinch of salt ( if you like )

Mix lime juice and salt in coconut water . Hand crushed the mint leaves and mix into it . Enjoy your drink with a twist .

4. Green tea

Green tea is personally my favourite drink . Green tea helps in reducing bloating which cause many problems in body .

What i like different to it is i create my own flavour which i like to drink rather than buying flavoured ones . I usually prefer the green tea leaves which is really good in creating your flavour .


1 tbsp green tea leaves
1 cup water
Few Basil leaves
Ginger – 2 slices

Warm water for 30 seconds and put green tea , basil and ginger in it . And let it stir for one minute . Strain it and your own flavour green tea ia ready . You can add whatever flavour you like lemon and ginger ,mint and other flavours as well .

That’s all for today . Hope you like this article .

Do comment what is some of your favourite health drinks and which you one like to try as well .

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